15. februar 2013

Signio wins tender for Q8’s display communication

Over the next three years, Signio will optimise display solutions in Q8 service stations, totalling approx. 240 screens in stores and 1400 screens at tank pumps.


Signio has been selected as the new provider of display solutions for Q8 Denmark, which merged with OKQ8 in Sweden in August.

The contract was won in a tender between five companies, and includes software and hardware servicing, upgrading the current display solution for Q8’s 102 stations, content production, and providing advice on new initiatives.

“We have selected Signio as a supplier because they understand our business, and how the market has changed as a consequence of the new legislation on shop opening hours. They have shown great insight into how display solutions can best fulfil our customers’ needs, they always manage to have a positive attitude towards things, and they are always ready with competent and creative suggestions for solutions. In addition, they understand exactly how to optimise the possibilities with the SCALA software and, equally importantly, how to pass on these possibilities to us”, says Martin S. Almosetoft, Project Coordinator at Q8 Service Stations.

Supporting Q8’s commercial interests
Signio looks forward to taking Q8’s display communication to a higher level, where it can be used far more precisely to support Q8’s commercial interests.

“We will be working with visualisation and utilisation of business intelligence data, dynamic content management in individual stores via mobile and tablet, as well as a number of other new initiatives. These combined efforts will lift Q8’s use of media from sale and information alone, to being a business management tool”, says Lars B. Kanstrup, Product and Concept Manager at Signio.

Understanding the store’s role in a digital communication universe
Signio sees this order as an expression of a changing market that is ready to take on a new generation of display communication, utilising the media’s possibilities far more intelligently to create value in several different areas.

“Our experience is that on the retail market there is a need for greater convergence and understanding of the shop’s role in a digital universe. The customer should have the same information and the same experience of a brand, regardless if the customer encounters it via online media or in a physical shop. The most important issue is to have the right tools at your disposal and to understand how to use them to your advantage to meet the customer’s commercial needs in a purchasing situation”, says Lars B. Kanstrup.

Signio sees the order as strengthening their role as an international supplier.

“With Kia Motors Australia, SSP Norway, Jensen’s Bøfhus in Sweden and now Q8, we are well on the way to making a greater impact on the international market. Seems like 2013 may well be the year that sees us expanding our presence abroad”, says Lars B. Kanstrup.